Vitrinite purchase first GHWM300M highwall mining unit from Gainwell Engineering Global Pte Ltd

Nick Williams, Founder and Managing Director of Vitrinite has signed the first contract to supply a highwall miner to support the Vulcan Mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin this week with Gainwell Engineering Global Pte Ltd. Vitrinite are honored to be the first buyer of Gainwell’s GHWM300M outside India and believe that the introduction of highwall […]

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Fresh Prospects

Vitrinite was featured in an Australian Mining Review article this week . The article titled, “‘Fresh Prospects’: As Bowen Basin coal producers enjoy their biggest profits in years, players are gearing up for the next generation of projects to feed a growing global appetite for high quality thermal and metallurgical coal.  In the Black Bowen Basin locals may […]

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Vitrinite is pleased to announce that it has signed a binding investment agreement to join forces with ITOCHU Corporation (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Masahiro Okafuji, President & CEO; hereinafter “ITOCHU”) for the rapid advancement of the company’s flagship Karin deposit (the Karin Project). As part of the investment terms with ITOCHU, Vitrinite has agreed to […]

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“Coal is Back” – Vitrinite in the Australian Financial Review
Coal is back - Australian Financial Review

We were very excited to be featured in an Australian Financial Review article this week supporting our opinion that coal is back. The article titled, “‘People thought we were crazy’: coal is back as explorers get lucky in the Bowen Basin.” is a snapshot of the coal industry in Australia at present pointing to a number […]

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Karin Basin Maiden JORC Code Resource
Vitrinite - Karin Basin Inferred Resource

Vitrinite Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that an initial JORC2012 Inferred Resource of 123Mt has been confirmed within the company’s Karin Basin Asset, and a revised exploration target of 340 to 800Mt. The exploration drilling undertaken to achieve this result covers only a tiny fraction of the tenement area. The exploration program has identified significant seams […]

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High-Fluidity Coking Coal Confirmed on Vitrinite’s Karin Basin Deposit
Vitrinite - Karin Basin - High Fluidity Coking Coal

Vitrinite confirms the discovery of very high-quality coking coals at the wholly-owned Karin Basin deposit (EPC 1241) within Queensland’s Bowen Basin. Initial test work has returned Maximum Fluidity results of up to 30,000 ddpm with RoMax of up to 0.95 and Crucible Swell Numbers of up to 9. This coal quality has been confirmed in multiple […]

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Wilson Creek Maiden JORC Code Resource
Vitrinite - Wilson Creek - WC008_C

Vitrinite is pleased to announce the completion of the first phase of exploration at Wilson Creek (EPC 1710) in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.  The results of this program which, involved more 3,495m of drilling, has exceeded our expectations on every metric. We have identified a large resource (61Mt) with more than half (39Mt) being at a depth mineable with a […]

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