Vitrinite Pty Ltd, is a privately owned company holding an extensive strategic coking coal tenement portfolio within Queensland’s world-class Bowen Basin. Our assets are situated in close proximity to operating mines, infrastructure and proven economic resources. Vitrinite is currently focused on executing an exploration drilling and definition program of JORC resources across multiple sites representing the next generation of premium tier one assets in Australia.

Vitrinite is a young, progressive company. We insist on excellence in every aspect of our work and take immense pride in the coal industry and the Australian resources sector. We are stewards of the lands and minerals we are developing, aiming to achieve out sized returns for our shareholders and stakeholders. We embody and encourage an open and collaborative attitude, inward and outward, in our company values. Vitrinite's vision is to create value and wealth through the provision of energy to power world economic growth, exceeding and setting world’s best practices in every endeavour.



  • Vitrinite purchase first GHWM300M highwall mining unit from Gainwell Engineering Global Pte Ltd

    Nick Williams, Founder and Managing Director of Vitrinite has signed the first contract to supply a highwall miner to support the Vulcan Mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin this week with Gainwell Engineering Global Pte Ltd.

    Vitrinite are honored to be the first buyer of Gainwell’s GHWM300M outside India and believe that the introduction of highwall mining technology will play a significant role in the future of the Australian mining industry, as it has in many other coal markets around the world. These units are manufactured under license from Caterpillar, with technology developed and refined in the US mining industry over many decades. Highwall miners have proven to be safe, highly productive, have a low environmental impact, and provide access coal that would otherwise be stranded due to economic constraints. This purchase is the result of a two-year research program undertaken by Vitrinite to determine the best method to maximize the value of its extensive resources at Vulcan. This purchase is the culmination of extensive reviews of operating highwall miners around the world. The Gainwell’s product is outstanding and has been determined to be the best suited for the mining conditions at

    Vitrinite anticipates first coal to be mined with the highwall unit in 2023. If this first unit proves as successful as anticipated, Vitrinite will likely deploy multiple units in quick succession to increase production.

    Vitrinite would like to thank Gainwell for their commitment to providing a world-class product which we believe has a very bright future in underpinning the next generation of highly productive coal mines in Australia.

    Gainwell Engineering represents the best in designing, manufacturing, marketing and maintaining underground Room & Pillar equipment and Highwall Miner, for the global customer base. The company will also offer products and services related to railways and defence sector. With a vision
    of becoming a globally recognized, technology-driven manufacturing leader,

    Gainwell Engineering develops and manufactures innovative, safe and sustainable equipment to unlock essential resources and meet the growing demands for infrastructure investments in the mining, railways and defence sectors. The manufacturing business headquarters of the company is based in Kolkata, India, while the global business is managed through Gainwell Engineering Global Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Gainwell Engineering operates through a global network of sales offices, parts warehouses and
    service rebuild centres in key mining regions around the world and extends exceptional value to all its customers. Gainwell Engineering envisions to drive sustainable progress, helping the customers Gain a better tomorrow.

  • Fresh Prospects
    Vitrinite was featured in an Australian Mining Review article this week . The article titled, "'Fresh Prospects': As Bowen Basin coal producers enjoy their biggest profits in years, players are gearing up for the next generation of projects to feed a growing global appetite for high quality thermal and metallurgical coal. 

    In the Black

    Bowen Basin locals may be quick to talk down another coal boom, but there is no question confidence is returning to the region. An upturn in coal prices is boosting new exploration and development, M&A activity, mine expansions, and prompting companies to reopen shuttered operations. Mr Williams, who spearheaded an exploration campaign during the downturn in the coal market, said "people thought he was crazy"at the time, however "the waning interest in the coal sector generally created a spectacular opportunity". To read the full article, follow the link below: The Australian Mining Review