Brighter Coal

“Brighter Coal” is more than a tagline—it’s woven into the very fabric of our identity. Vitrinite, named after a primary coal component known for its glass-like sheen, symbolises not just the superior quality of our hard coking coal, but also our company ethos.

Our name is inspired by these unique characteristics, embodying our identity as an innovative, agile, and excellence-driven coal enterprise. It stands for a different way of doing things, for unconventional thinking, and for a relentless commitment to be the best.

Coking Coal —
Fueling the Future

Metallurgical coal, or met coal, serves as the backbone for various forms of steel production. With variants like hard coking coal to semi-soft and pulverised coal for injection (PCI), each serves its unique role in steel production. Unlike thermal coal, used mainly for electricity, met coal distinguishes itself through higher carbon content, lower ash, and reduced moisture levels.

Coke for Steel — Steel is vital for modern living, providing the foundation for healthcare, telecommunications, agriculture, and much more. Coking coal serves as the essential carbon source for iron reduction, making it indispensable in steel manufacturing.

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