Vitirnite depends on the hospitality of many landowners throughout the state of Queensland and their connection to the land is understandable and treated with the highest respect. We will ensure that we never have to unnecessarily disrupt the life, land or business of any Queenslander, many who have a multi-generational commitment with the land, without mutual understanding, agreement and gain. Furthermore, our commitment to leave land as or better than we found it is fundamental to our core values. Honest, open and friendly relationships is our unwavering commitment and responsibility to uphold throughout the state of Queensland.

Vitrinite is committed to:

  • Open and honest communication between all parties;
  • Respecting the rights, privacy, property and activities of the landholder;
  • Minimising disturbance;
  • Rehabilitating any disturbance promptly and to a high standard – leave it as good or better than found;
  • Taking responsibility for all activities undertaken on the land.