Changing the Coal Game

Since 2022, Gainwell Engineering has worked to establish itself as a leading mining equipment supplier in Australia and the Pacific region, and the company’s partnership with Vitrinite has been a key factor in that process.

In fact, that partnership led to Gainwell Engineering’s first sale into Australia with its Highwall Miner, a safe and innovative method for extracting coal from exposed seams.

“The two companies started to work together in 2020,” Gainwell Engineering Pacific managing director Paul Mulley told Australian Mining. “The relationship developed from there, which led to the signing of the contract for the Highwall Miner in March 2021.

“Since signing the contract with Vitrinite, we have moved on to open up a workshop in Gateshead, New South Wales, and consequently we now assemble, repair and provide parts for equipment in the Australian underground coal market.
“We will develop the Highwall product in Australia with Vitrinite and provide quality training for operators and maintenance staff at the project, as it is so critical for both parties given its uniqueness and future potential.”…

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