Heading Down Under

After decades of supporting infrastructural progress with efficient mining equipment in India, Gainwell Engineering has turned its focus to Australia.

With an emphasis on achieving a better tomorrow through sustainability, innovation and excellence, Gainwell Engineering is ready to establish itself as a leading mining equipment supplier in Australia and the Pacific region.

The company offers an array of products for its global customers, including underground room and pillar equipment and its highwall miner, the latter of which offers an innovative method for extracting coal.

“We provide safe, reliable and productive equipment, and we are now another choice for customers in the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) business here in Australia,” Gainwell Engineering Pacific managing director Paul Mulley told Australian Mining. “We’re very familiar with the Australian regulations and standards and Australian customers. The team here at Gainwell Engineering Pacific has a long association with industry operators, so we understand what our customers are looking for.

“We know where we need to pitch in order to provide a product that’s competitive and safely maximises production.”

Gainwell’s engineers are on hand to deliver technical service, and to answer any questions customers may have.

“We’ve got some of the smartest engineers around in underground coal mining,” Mulley said. “We’ve got great people and great products.”

Gainwell recently achieved multiple milestones in Australia, such as nearing the completion of the first machine assembly that will go to the Kestrel coal mine in Queensland’s Bowen Basin to be used on its longwall moves.

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