“Coal is Back” – Vitrinite in the Australian Financial Review

We were very excited to be featured in an Australian Financial Review article this week supporting our opinion that coal is back.

The article titled, “‘People thought we were crazy’: coal is back as explorers get lucky in the Bowen Basin.” is a snapshot of the coal industry in Australia at present pointing to a number of positives, including the work done by Vitrinite over the last six months.

Coal is back!

“There is a general buzz in our industry,” Mr Williams said in an interview with The Australian Financial Review. “People would like to see the price steady and be a bit more consistent for more investors pour in. But the general consensus is we have hit bottom and things are looking up.”(M.Ludlow – AFR.com).

This is certainly exciting time for Vitrinite and we look forward to more good news to come.

To read the full article, follow the link below:

Australian Financial Review Article

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